Psychic Readings

In-person / Telephone/ Skype/Zoom

with  Rita Gigante

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SINGLE Sessions

60 min .....$125

90 min .....$175

COUPLE Sessions

60 min .....$175

90 min .....$275

All sessions are held in the strictest confidence.

“For a Psychic Reading to be authentic and beneficial to the client, it must…

  • Combine practical insight with practical advice

  • Foster hope and Inspiration

  • Encourage self examination

  • Highlight the client’s gifts and abilities

  • Respect the client’s free will and power to change”

The American Association of Professional Psychics


     "Rita's uncanny ability to connect to spirit is a joy to behold. She delivers messages with kindness, empathy and compassion to those who suffer from loss and those who are simply looking for the next step in their journey.  She is beloved by all who for her grace, authenticity and humor."

Linda Gering Kreisberg

Director, Linda's House of Healing


with  Rita Gigante

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In-person / Telephone/ Skype/Zoom

Individual 60 min session............$125

Group sessions here at Space of Grace or as a Mobile Mediumship at your place.

 See below

All sessions are held in the strictest confidence.

   Mediumship is the ability to sense and communicate with people or loved ones who have passed over.  As a medium, I can hear, see, feel and know the messages from Spirit directly or with the help of a Spirit Guide.  The information can be for someone with unresolved questions or issues, loved ones who have passed, a family member, friend or neighbor etc, that needs clarity, and mostly the messages helps heal any grief the person may be having by losing a loved one. 


My own path to mediumship began when I was younger but was not fully opened until my father passed in 2005.  I had experience with it before but after speaking with him, I had a dramatic increase in my ability to communicate with him and others.  I am so grateful to be able to help others heal through this gift and my hope is to teach others to connect to their loved ones directly.

Mobile Medium

This is a 2 hour session, at your home, and it requires a group minimum of 8 people and is $55 per person.

A complimentary 1/2 hr reading with Rita for the Hostess 


     "  In advance of participating in a group message circle, I read Rita Gigante’s book The Godfather’s Daughter: An Unlikely Story of Love Healing and Redemption. I was drawn into her story and admire the courage Rita exhibits to follow her soul’s journey. She has truly been inspiring!"


Chakra Healing
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with  Bobbie & Rita Gigante

In-person / Telephone/ Skype/Zoom

Individual  60 minute sessions........$125

Group sessions for pricing

All sessions are held in the strictest confidence.

  In the realm of body/soul healing, chakras are energy centers located throughout the body, each representing the wellness of a specific area of the body and its corresponding spiritual purpose.  When the chakras are open and balanced, your ‘chi’ or ‘life energy’, flows naturally.  If a chakra is blocked, or closed, this can manifest itself in many ways.


     "I had a chakra healing session with Rita and could not believe how it effected me.  When I got there I felt out of sorts but couldn't really explain what I was feeling.  We talked a bit and then Rita did the healing and afterwards I felt as if I was "put all back together! 

 What an experience!"


Give the gift of healing

Gift certificates are available for all services.


At Space of Grace we understand, on occasion, there may be extenuating circumstances preventing you from attending sessions or events, however, beginning Jan. 1st we be instituting a new cancellation policy:
Private sessions:
To schedule a private session please call 201.805.3909 or 201.414.1667.
You will be required to submit a credit card to reserve your session.  Your card will not be charged until the time of the session; if you should then choose to pay with cash or check. 
If you need to cancel a private session we ask for 24 hrs notice and welcome you to reschedule your appointment.  If no notice is given you will be charged for the session. 
Group events:
Registration for group events will be accepted online and will require a credit card to reserve your spot.  If you prefer to pay with cash or check you can do so at the event and your card will not be charged. 
In the unlikely event you need to cancel your attendance at a group event we ask for 24 hrs notice otherwise your credit card will charged.
                                                        We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 

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