Moon Ceremonies


What is a Moon Ceremony.... you ask?


      At the Space of Grace Healing Center, we gather together during the new and full moons, to connect to and revel in the wonderful feminine energies of the moon during its cycles.

     The NEW moon symbolizes new beginnings and unlimited potentials.  It is the perfect time to reflect on our intentions and dreams to become motivated to make things happen!  We set the cycle of manifestation into motion and allow our life to flow with ease and grace.  

     As we gather together we create a space that encourages healing energy to flow.  We open our hearts to our truest intentions, and then release them to the universe.  

    The FULL moon is a time to re-evaluate our previous intentions and release that which no longer serves our highest good.  The full moon holds an abundance of powerful, positive energies that help us to amplify and create our own magic.  This, then brings in new energies that will serve our highest good!  At this ceremony, we harness these energies and celebrate  the intentions that we have manifested in our lives thus far.  

     During each of these ceremonies, Bobbie gives and overview and an explanation of the planets and their astrological effects during the various lunar cycles.  Rita relays personalized messages from Spirit to each participant, either through a psychic reading, from oracle cards, or answers to individual questions.  The ceremonies close with a ritual of prayer and gratitude and with a unified voice and energy our intentions are sent out into the universe!


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