What Clients are saying...

    " I met Rita Gigante about two and a half years ago.  Meeting Rita was a life changing experience for me.  I never realized that one person could actually heal another’s broken soul and shattered heart.  After my first meeting with Rita, my heart was longing to be made whole again and I was drawn back to her.  Rita’s gift of knowing from Spirit is like experiencing a rainbow after a hurricane.  I began to be part of her book club, which opened my eyes to knowledge, and my heart to possibilities I never imagined existed."


angels are earth

opened the door to my heart

inspirational healers


  "Each time I attended guided meditations with Rita, I left with more of my soul being healed.  The ceremony where Rita did “laying of the hands” and my individual Chakra healing sessions with her continued to make me whole again.  "  


     "The Magnasphere machine is a unique offering at Space of Grace Healing. If you are looking for a way to reduce stress, I encourage you to book a session!   I have personally found it a powerful way to come into a relaxed state."


    " I admire Rita and Bobbie for being the selfless healers they are.  I've never known people so genuinely devoted to the physical and emotional betterment of others.  Rita and Bobbie have been the greatest blessings in my life.  Knowing them is knowing a piece of heaven."


    " I have come to consider Space of Grace my home away from home!  Rita and Bobbie offer healing energy  

consciously and subconsciously, to everyone who comes to Space of Grace.  They treat their clients like extended family and are always searching for new ways they can help and heal.  Rita and Bobbie are truly angels on earth."



healed my mind, body & soul

warmth &


truly amazing

more than

I could have


     "I was blessed to be referred to Rita through a trusted friend.  I was searching for an alternative to “therapy” which after participating in for several years on and off, had lost its luster.  I felt that I had more to learn but the therapy sessions were just not benefiting me as they previously had.  I knew there was something that I needed to explore, learn and practice.  Rita was all that and more!  She welcomed me with open arms and made me feel so comfortable from the first time I met her.  After spending the first hour with Rita, she opened the door to my heart, soul and mind.  She and  Bobbie were exactly what I was looking for.  They have taught me things about myself, others, and my life along with helping me increase my spirituality, being in touch with the Universe, and ultimately being a better person.    I have grown tremendously since Rita has been a part of my world.  Rita and Bobbie have added value, purpose and peace of mind, not only for myself but for my Father who I have also referred.  Rita is truly a blessing to both of us and is considered “family”.




a joy to behold